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table game faq's

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Blackjack at Phoenician CasinoQuestion #1 - Which game should I play?

That is up to you and which game or games you prefer. Some people prefer poker, while others prefer roulette. It's all about what you feel the most comfortable with, because then you'll be more relaxed and alert to the game, and concentrating on the game will help you to win.

Question #2 - Which table game pays the most?

The games do all each have different ways of paying out. The games that pay the most will also cost the most to play. As far as actual top prize, roulette has a largest payout of 35:1 which is a great result. Games like poker may not pay as much as these depend on the other players and what they are willing to bet. Because of this, these games may also may a lot more, it all depends on the hand that you are in.

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Shopping Spree
9-line, 5-reel

Let Em Ride
Let Em Ride

I.R.I.S. 300
1-line, 5-reel

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