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Slots at Phoenician CasinoBonus Feature - This is a separate game from the normal slots game that comes up on some machines when you get a certain combination of symbols on the reels. Check the pay table on your machine to see what these symbols need to be. Remember, not all machines have this.

Bonus Games - Bonus games are a lot like bonus features, but they give you free spins on the slot machine instead of a separate game. The same things apply, check the pay table of your machine to see what symbols you need to activate this feature.

Credit - A credit is a unit of money that the slot machine bets in. If the machine is a 1 cent machine, 1 credit will be worth 1 cent. If the machine is a $5 machine, then 1 credit will be worth $5.

Max Bet - This is the maximum amount that can be bet on the spin of the slot machine. Be careful when you hit this because it may cost you a lot of money, but could also win you a lot of money too!

Multi Line - These are slots that pay on multiple lines rather then just on the center line like some slot machines do. Each line will normally cost the same as the center line, but this will give you more chances of winning.

Multiplier - This is betting more then 1 credit on each line that you are playing. In most cases, betting 2 credits on one line will give you 2 times as much if you win.

Pay Line - This is the line of symbols that pays out when you win. The pay line may not be straight, so check on your machine where the lines are so you know.

Pay Table - This is the section of the game that shows you the different combinations that pay out for wins. This should be easily found on each game.

Progressive Jackpot - This is jackpot that builds up the more that people play it. These are usually joined to several machines, so anyone playing those machines can win it. These jackpots can be very large, but most do need you to bet big to be in the running.

Random Number Generator - This is the heart of the slots processing. This generates 1000's of random numbers each second to make sure that the games are truly random.

Slots at Phoenician CasinoReels - These are the "spinning" parts of the slot machine. The reels have the symbols printed on them and spin around until told by the machine to stop.

Spins - This is one complete spin of the reels and the resulting payouts.

Symbols - The symbols are usually different for each game but have similar meanings. Check what the symbols pay out on the pay table of the machine.

Top Prize - This is the maximum payout that can be given by that slot machine for any single spin.

Wild Card - This is a symbol that will substitute for any other symbol in a pay line. These are really great for getting even more wins!

Shopping Spree
9-line, 5-reel

Let Em Ride
Let Em Ride

I.R.I.S. 300
1-line, 5-reel

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